art-a-whirl @ Vesper Studios and Open Studio

Some plants produce colors that you would expect- and others are magical, changing right before your eyes as chemistry plays its part.  The lovely purple of lilac flowers actually becomes a springy yellow green when boiled down. 
Vesper Atelier- asked me to take part in their eco-art a whirl event
here’s finished lilac series...and on to Art A Whirl!

A flurry of friends, family and new guests come to open studio and with the opportunity to discuss my process and make contacts with people who want to contribute!
Many asked about the process of making dye- here's some info I gave them:

"Making dyes begins with gathering the materials and prepping them; breaking them up, stripping them, chopping them and finally soaking them in water. I then boil the materials.  Time may vary and the heat and water break down the materials and allows for the natural pigments to infuse into the solution.  A lot of what I use are foraged materials and once you start, you cannot help but wonder what else is out there that you can use!"

Emily Donovan