Garden Club - University Row

The article in the Park Bugle has reached a fabulous group in St Paul, the St Anthony Park Gardener's Club and i have been invited to give a talk about natural dyes.  Excited and a little anxious (here I get to meet the experts) I immediately set up a time to speak with Cynthia who is in charge of setting up guest speakers.  I find out quickly that the talk will be scheduled for Fall 2016.  In the meantime, I am connected with a group who loves to learn and create beautiful gardens in this historic neighborhood.
Cynthia invites me to her home that is located on the North end of St Paul next to the U of M campus and also sends me over to her friend and neighbor, Helen.  This is a new neighborhood for me, that is a mix of mid-century homes many of which belong to professors at the U of M.  
Cynthia's garden as at the end of the season, but I gather her salvia and Joe Pye Weed and Cynthia tells me about her yard, her home and what she likes about gardening.  I am so excited to learn more from her next year.  Helen's home is kitty corner across the street and this too, is at the end of it's season but I learn that Helen and her late husband Fred, were Art History faculty at my alma mater.  And to make the world even a little smaller, Helen's area of expertise includes the history of dress, in early america's south- a time period when handmade dyes were used exclusively.  
Helen told me that she was so happy that I was taking on this project.  This day was incredibly rich and rewarding!  

Emily Donovan