Alder Thicket

Alder Thicket is the first of my Ornament series.  It’s still a little early in the growing season to find certain plant material, but Alder and other tree barks are plenty at my dad’s land.  I added commercial dye- a vibrant turquoise and iron from another recipe I found.  I hope that the juxtaposition of both natural and synthetic color will show the subtle beauty of the Alder dye and also introduce some vibrancy into a painting about a place that still fills me with feelings of loss.  I miss my dad and the land is filled with memories.
 I think that feelings, nostalgia and others are important to the creative process. I hope this project will lead me to certain locations or in the selections of plants that are important to others and me.  Creating these colors from hand with research, and by gathering or foraging will provide another level of meaning to the end product.  

Emily Donovan