This week, I installed a body of work called Continuum using natural dyes at the Intelligent Nutrients store at Mall of America.  It was a good opportunity to experiment with dyes that I purchased from a fiber art supply as I wait for local plants to bloom. The discussion IN they proposed was about healthy aging.
Continuum includes madder, cochineal, alkanet, logwood dye which I purchased. I also used alder & apple bark dyes that I made.  
Here's the statement about the series:
I have created layers with dye and paper to represent a series about life showing how we are on a continuous path.  A lifeline extends from one panel to the next to illustrate the path we are on from Starting birth, to the lessons of childhood, adolescence and into adulthood. There are highs and lows of the various lines or directions we can take, each evolving into levels of rich experience and knowledge.  Eventually we finish from where we start- a spark and a miracle, a journey to maturity and like every growing thing, we cycle back into the Earth.
On view through May 31st at Intelligent Nutrients, Mall of America.

Emily Donovan