A great garden visit.  In full bloom are lovely peonies.  I am told about many varieties in the garden.  Some of the peony plants were transplanted from the home owner’s grandmothers yard. 
Peonies feel wonderfully old-fashioned.  The flowers remind me of 1940’s dress patterns.  I remember the ants that crawl on the buds before they bloom – and they are top heavy.  One good rain and they fall. 
We gather petals that have already fallen off and talk about plants, where to buy them, favorite varieties and the next step in the garden.  Interestingly enough- I’ve noticed that most gardeners are never finished.  There is another bed to create and more plants they want to try and a pure love of digging in the dirt.
I also think they want to create an environment that is healthy.  As their garden grows, there is less grass to mow and there is a small ecosystem inviting animals and insects.  In this garden, they have found plants that thrive and are happy. 

Emily Donovan