new series- Bird Migration

Last spring I found myself painting a lot of birds. In March, me and my son took a road trip from Houston, Texas to Minneapolis. We took a round about way- through Arkansas, Tennessee and then Missouri, which I really enjoyed. Although the country highway, we saw hundreds of birds. Massive flocks, headed North.

When I arrived home, some had arrived. Geese mostly. I was inspired watching them near the lake by my home. They stood along the shore line, swam in the icy waters and I heard the familiar calls telling me that the weather will soon turn warm. In Minnesota, this change in season is a happy event. It marks the end of winter. Days grow longer and for me, I start thinking about my garden, plants and natural color. I made Wall Flowers about this, I quickly decided I wanted to expand my study of natural dye and include a body of work about bird migration as another layer of seasonal change.

I am honored and happy to report that I have been awarded a 2019 Minnesota State Arts Board - Artist Initiative Grant for this body of work called Migration and Motion. I will continue my exploration of natural pigments and color but, the work will also visually represent migration patterns and challenges the bird populations that visit Minnesota may face because of environmental issues and how we help or hinder this natural process.

Beginning the research, I have already found many resources and communities that are interested in the same thing. I am hoping to learn more from these folks and am excited to start this project!

Wall Flowers, Natural Dye on Paper with Beeswax. 2018.

Emily Donovan