The couple - Mallards

I like to watch the Mallards around the lake and how they pair off. They are a consistent member of the lake community and always present in the spring. Why? INaturalist will tell you that the mallard population is considered to be of ‘least concern’ and are considered invasive in some areas. They thrive because they are adaptable in city environments. Migration to the Northern United States begins in early Spring, arriving from destinations in Mexico and Central America. Interesting to note: Some Mallards do not migrate and those who stay behind, interbreed with wild ducks and genetically pollute other species.

As they pair off- I can watch for the eggs to hatch. Incubation of eggs is 27-28 days.

Colors to note are mainly from the male with his glossy green head, orange beak and bright purple-blue speculum feathers, the underside of their wings. Even though they might be considered a problem bird, their arrival marks the change in season and I am happy when they return.

Emily Donovan