paula's garden

I met Paula at Grahn's Upholstery where my mother-in-law (an amazing artist) had a show at her shop.  Paula has recently started showing art at her business where she revives amazing pieces of furniture with colorful fabrics and a level of artistry. She has also asked me to show some of my Ornament pieces.
Paula tends her gardens with the same level of attention and care to gives to her business.  Her yard is a lovely assortment of color and texture.  It's carefully laid out and she keeps plans and notes on all of her plants.  
I spent the evening at Paula's learning a lot.  She pointed out several plants that she thought could produce colors, the vibrant green from her hostas, yellows from the fragrant Japanese lilac, purples from sedums.  I love how the color swatches mimic the colors of her landscape

Emily Donovan