Here’s my phlox experiment- as it's abundant and there are many offers from gardeners.  Its a plant that may start in one yard or garden bed - and blow over to the next, reseeding and as I am learning, takes over.  Mike- a school administrator and avid gardener contacted me and said, although he didn't see Phlox on the list, he would be "do a hard pulling of the dozens of tall garden phlox (mostly pink) that have taken over my gardens.  They are in mid-bloom, and I’ll be pulling out the entire plants, root to flower, so you’re welcome to any parts of them you’d like."  So, for fun, I tried all parts- from root to flower.  Some good colors, but subtle and faded fast, unlike the plant.  
Mike was kind enough to drop off a burlap sack of Canadian Thistle....the burlap to protect you from the mean thorns of the plant.  
I read that thistle could create a dye and again- this weed is easy to find.  At Mike's house, he had one, very large proud plant by his garage.  I think he left it grow because it was impressive and probably fun to watch as it reached new heights.  Like myself, these gardeners that I meet like to watch what these plants will do- as they grow and change, what weather and environment can do to them- and what effects we have on them. 

Emily Donovan