Summer Solstice

Yesterday, I took a short road trip today to Redwing to drop off artwork for the Floral and Fauna exhibit at the Anderson Center. The arts facility is an amazing place - an artist compound, I’d say with beautiful brick buildings on the north side of highway 61 as you arrive in Redwing, Minnesota. Redwing is on the map; for boots, for pottery and also for a major birding stop.  Right next to the Mississippi river along the bluffs, the land and geography lends itself to a perfect habitat to our bird friends. From the Anderson Center, we continued south to Frontenac State Park.  

 Our trip down proved to be exciting as we say over 25 large raptors. Eagles or hawks, not quite sure but on the windy day the large birds caught the updraft from the river and gilded easily over the land.  At the park, there is a list of over 200 species of birds that one may encounter along the trail system.  Two hundred!  What would we see? This afternoon, I truly realized that I am a novice in the realm of birding.  Within the thick canopy along the bluffs of the river shore, I listened and watched. I heard so many wonderful songs as I swatted the mosquitos of my arms and legs.  Everything is very wet and green with major flooding in the river valley. What are we listening to? Who are they?  

 I captured a few pictures of the busy birds and I am hoping that they are bluebirds.  A recent article about the bird and the restoration project is on my mind and perhaps it’s wishful thinking.  But, I have their song in my mind, a few pictures, my notes and the Internet to help me identify.  

Emily Donovan