in the thicket

I am learning new terms in bird identification and ornithology, the words are many of my favorites as in a thicket you can find both an alder tree and also, a giant variety of birds. A thicket is probably the best place to experience nature as its often impassable and those how thrive and live there are left to their own, without trouble or intervention.

I also like the word gregarious as a description of behavior, plant growth and of course, to describe our personality.

To books that I have recently started, The Genius of Birds and Migratory Patterns and several interesting articles have supplied me with a plethora of words that share this fun natural associations that animals, plants and humans share in the realms of personality.

We are all living things- which in the whole picture means, we are all involved in the earths growth and development. Biologist, Jane Goodall put it best as she spoke about her studies. “We’re not, after all separate from the animal kingdom, we are part of it.” Thanks, lady! This is something to remember.

Emily Donovan