loons on fish lake

Friends of ours have a family cabin near Mora, Minnesota. It is situated on Fish Lake and the cabin, built in the 1920’s is full of laughter, good conversations, music and singing. The lake is always inviting for a swim or a boat ride with clean water because the Ann River feeds it. I like to think this cabin is a magical place.

This year because of all the rain, the water is unusually high. The dock is covered in water and to reach the pontoon, a ramp is constructed. On an evening boat ride, there are many birds but, what I like to watch are the the loons. There is only a pair that I can find and as we get close to them, they dive deep underwater. I like to watch to see where they resurface and the distance they can make underwater.

Recently, I saw a video on facebook that showed how they swim. https://www.facebook.com/nationallooncenter/videos/627162624439401/

We never got this close- but its fun to see how this water bird can achieve such distance. Much like frog legs, or the oars of a boat their webbed feet catch the water vertically and propel themselves forward with agility and speed.

Emily Donovan